Levies on Social Security Benefits, And Others

Fighting the IRS Liens & Levy

The have been those who have from time to time viewed articles I have posted on our struggle with levies on our Social Security benefits by the IRS.  I would like to bring those interested up to date on my efforts to settle this issue.

To begin with over a four year period up till 2015, the IRS levied over nine-thousand dollars from my benefits.  In October of 2009 the IRS filed eight liens against me.  In September of 2010, form 668 (Y) was sent to me and at this time I noticed that in the upper left-hand corner of the form, the IRS identified my status as “small business/self employed”.  I immediately sent off a letter questioning this status in as much as I was neither a small business nor self employed.  It took awhile for this to process in their heads, but is March of 2015 the levies ceased and I received that form we all look forward to, Form 668(Z) “Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien”.

I know that the nine-thousand that was levied did not satisfy the lien amount ($95,000.+)  I reflect on the comments by John Kotmire (Save a Patriot) that the IRS lies to the computer, treating the individual as a business entity in order to start the collection process.  By the way John Kotmire and Bill Thornton both have excellent lectures on taxation.  John understanding the of the Internal Revenue Code and the application of the tax laws.  Bill Thornton on the approach to the law from the point of view of the Sovereign People.

Anyway without any explanation, the Revenue Service ALL of the liens.  I am now in the process of demanding the return of all of the money they stole.

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