Sandy City, Utah Town Council -A Dictatorship

Sandy City, Utah town councilman Cris McCandless for district 4, is up for re-election.  He advertises with the promotion, “See what I have done for you lately.”  He illustrates this with wonderful community services like hiking trails, pet care and the like.  What he does not share with the community is the fact that he and the majority of the town council with the backing of Mayor have, in a dictatorial move, raised our property taxes.  Not by much, but the point is that six individuals at their own discretion took on an authority not delegated to them by the people in taking more of our property without our consent.  Instead of protecting and securing our liberties and property, they violate them at their pleasure.

They hold what they call a “truth in taxation hearing” when the only truth to come out of that hearing is that they have made up their minds to increase the tax on our property, the citizens be damned.

See What They Have Done For Us Lately . . .

We have a representatives that have no idea what the “fundamentals” of government are and pass legislation directly apposed to Article I, Section 1 of our State Constitution.

And To The Republic For Which We Stand . . .

Regretfully we have State legislators and City administrators that have no idea what a Republic is.  As they violate their “oath of office” to support and defend the Constitutions for the State of Utah and our Union, completely ignoring the purpose of government to secure the rights of the people.  We need to start taking some of these people and/or States into court for violating their prime responsibility in securing a “republican” form of government for us.

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance.

We all have the responsibility to educate ourselves on the fundamentals of government and hold those who represent us accountable.  Their authority comes from us as sovereigns and we can only give to them what we have a right to delegate.  Since I do not have the right to take your property, I cannot give that authority to any of them.  Doing otherwise, is to usurp a power not given.  Right here you have at least two fundamentals that citizens need to understand and enforce.  Our sovereign status and the principle of delegation.

We have set these principles aside for the pleasures of this life as the government becomes our caretaker.  Seeing to our comfort and taking our vision away from local issues by creating or engaging in conflicts outside the purview of the Constitution.  As noted some time ago, Alexander Hamilton warned, “Nothing is more common than for a free people, in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions by letting into the government principles and precedents which afterwards prove fatal to themselves.” Also from the pen of Benjamin Franklin; “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

John W. Gardner, in his book titled Excellence, speaks for a different reason; “The world is full of people who believe that men need masters.

“It is hard for Americans to realize that the survival of the idea for which this Nation stands is not inevitable.  It may survive if enough Americans care enough.

“It would be easier for us to grasp this truth if we weren’t so blessedly comfortable.  Part of our problem is how to stay awake on a full stomach.”

In 1835, the writer, Alexis de Tocqueville published his works Democracy in America, noting a condition which is recognizable today.  “I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world.

“The first thing that strikes the observation is an innumerable multitude of men, all equal and alike, incessantly endeavoring to procure the petty and paltry pleasures with which they glut their lives.  Each of them, living apart, is as a stranger to the fate of all the rest, — his children and his private friends constitute to him the whole of mankind; as for the rest of his fellow-citizens, he is close to them, but he sees them not; he touches them, but he feels them not; he exists but in himself alone; and if his kindred still remain to him, he may be said at any rate to have lost his country.

“Above this race of men stand an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications, and to watch over their fate.  That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild.  It would be like the authority of a parent, if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks, on the contrary, to keep them in perpetual childhood.  It is well that people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing.

“For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principle concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances; what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?

“Thus, it every day renders the exercise of the free agency of man less useful and less frequent; it circumscribes the will within a narrower range, and gradually robs a man of all the uses of himself.  The principle of equality has prepared men for these things; it has predisposed men to endure them, and often times to look on them as benefits.

“After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp, and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community.  It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform through which the most thorough minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd.  The will of man is not shattered, but they are constantly restrained from acting; such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence, it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to be nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.

“. . .Our contemporaries are constantly excited by two conflicting passions; they want to be led, and they wish to remain free; as they cannot destroy either the one or the other of these contrary propensities, they strive to satisfy them both at once, they devise a sole, tutelary, and all-powerful form of government, but elected by the people.  They combine the principles of centralization and that of popular sovereignty; thus gives them a respite; they console themselves for being in tutelage by the reflection that they have chosen there own guardians.  Every man allows himself to be put in leading-strings, because he sees that it is not a person or a class of persons but the people at large, who hold the end of his chain.

“By this system, the people shake off their state of dependence just long enough to select their master, and then relapse into it again.  A great many persons at the present day are quite contented with this sort of compromise between administrative despotism and sovereignty of the people; and they think they have done enough for the protection of individual freedom when they have surrendered it to the power of the nation at large.

. . . Subjection in minor affairs breaks out every day, and is felt by the whole community indiscriminately, it does not drive men to resistance, but it crosses them at every turn, till they are led to surrender the exercise of their own will.  Thus their spirit is gradually broken and their character enervated; whereas that obedience which is exacted on a few important but rare occasions, only exhibits servitude at certain intervals and throws the burden of it upon a small number of men.  It is in vain to summon a people, who have been rendered so dependent on the central power, to choose from time to time the representatives of that power; this rare and brief exercise of their free choice, however important it may be, will not prevent them from gradually losing themselves, and thus gradually falling below the level of humanity.

“. . . They will soon become incapable of exercising the great and only  privilege which remains to them.”

Why Can’t We Learn From History!

Vote For Those Who Understand Our God Given Rights.

Pass this along to the Sandy City Town Council.

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