Legislators With Tunnel Vision/Memorial Day

Legislators With Tunnel Vision

It is a shame that the only  answer that States and the fed can come up with to solve the deficit is to tax, tax, tax.  This is a dead-end road!  It will only lead to more spending, and when they spend that they will find new way to tax some more.  People need to wake up!  Remove the “old guard” who have no vision.  Government spending is out of control and you do not balance the budget by increasing taxes.  There are constitutional sources for government revenues,  and it is not by stealing property from the people!

Let’s start with the topic of the day, being memorial day.  Two headlines that caught my attention from the Salt Lake paper.  Front page; :”The price of freedom” and from the family section; “Memorial day is a time to remember those who died to preserve liberty”.  I have written on this before and can find only two major wars where our “liberty” was threatened.  The war for independence and the war of 1812.   (All of the others were skirmishes with the indians, priorates and such, this from Wikipedia).

We are now categorizing every individual that died in any war, declared or not, as paying the ultimate price for our liberty.  I don’t think so!  The government leaders and big bankers who were financing both sides of the conflicts and the arms dealers will have to answer to the blood of those men and women.  And many are doing so now!  They are looking for rocks to hide under to cover their sins.

As to the taxing stumbling block, here is how you do it;  first reduce the size of the IRS by at least 90%.  Eliminate the “individual Income tax”; no individual is liable for this.  The Sixteenth Amendment does not need to be repealed as it has nothing to do the the “individual income Tax’.  Cut the Federal bureaucracy substantially, departments such as Education, Labor, Land, OSHA, Treasury, Health and a flood of others and combine the duties that “directly” effect commerce to that agency.  Other responsibilities that do not have a “direct” effect on commerce are returned to the States and or the individuals and their communities.

No more ridiculous salaries to government elected officials or employees.  Government officials and employees must live under the same Social Security and Medicare programs that are no forced upon the citizens.  Pensions and perks are no more, travel, vacations and residence in DC to live for commuting to and from State and DC are on their ticket.  No more campaigning on government revenues or on government time.  We elect them to represent us 100% of the time.  I’ve noticed that there approximately thirty-two (32) advisors (czars) making at least a six figure income off the government, on the President”s staff.  Not counting the Cabinet, all the secretaries, lawyers, etc.  This runs into the millions of dollars.  Everyone must take the Hillsdale College class on the Constitution and pass to be eligible for office.

Completely end these Undeclared and Unconstitutional wars.  Secure our boarders, air space and shores.  Strengthen our military to defend our liberties.  Leave NATO and all the other encumbering alliances that draw us into these wars.  Let’s not forget all of the wasted billions paid in foreign aid to countries who do not even like us.  Discontinue the practice, we do not have the funds anyway!

This is only a start we all are going to have to tighten our belts.  This is especially true of government.  Don”t look to the citizen to bail out the Federal government because of all the “pork barrel” and special interests.

Loral Glazier

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