“Who Was The First Liberal?”

History’s First Socialist, Leftist, Progressive, Liberal or Communist!

Listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day, there was a caller who posed the question; “Who was the first liberal?” Of course they came up with several names, like Karl Marx and company and Rush indicated that we could go back further. And indeed we can. Let me see if I can interject an idea into the mix. To start with I am reminded of the comment that the Republican candidate Rick Santorum made during the campaign that the liberals were “evil”. I hope I got that right.  But what is “evil”? Conservatives label the liberals as “evil”, while the liberals call the conservatives “evil”.  There needs to be some common ground that can be used as a yard stick to measure “good” and “evil”.  An essay by Frank Chodorov on the income tax (The Income Tax: Root of all Evil – 1954) includes a chapter; “Politically Speaking, What Is Evil?”  An excellent expose on the Judeo-Christian values that are at the foundation of the American political tradition.

Speaking to this, Mr. Chodorov points out that; “The Constitution, then, is held in high esteem only because of the high esteem Americans put upon the doctrine of natural rights.  Any law, political practice, or even amendment that infringes those rights is automatically deemed “unconstitutional.”  The infringement is ‘evil'”.  This being the case and as a result of the many “infringements” upon our natural rights, Mr. Chodorov reasons that, “. . . the kind of government we are acquiring is distinctly different from that envisaged by the Founding Fathers; it is fast becoming a government that conceives itself to be the source of rights, which it gives and can recall at its own pleasure. . . .”

Our government has become thus enthroned as the giver of good, the source of all “rights.  We have come to see the legal profession change “natural rights” into “privileges”.  And as Mr. Chodorov continues; “When an ‘evil’ becomes customary, it tends to lose the negative value put on it and in men’s minds tends to become a ‘good’.”  Such is the case with the many government sponsored “social” programs.

As to this author of “evil”, the Senator wasn’t far off! We can go way back and identify who I would call the first “liberal, etc.” This “liberal” goes by several names, and for this purpose I will use what I believe to be his “given” name, Lucifer or “Son of the Morning”. I do not know what the other “traditional” christian churches understand and teach about the pre-existence, in the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) scriptures, which includes the Holy Bible, we teach that there was a council in “heaven” of which there were a number of participants. Two of which were Jesus Christ, known by his given name, Jehovah, and Lucifer.

In this pre-construction or pre-creation meeting, after having planned out the process of the creation of the earth, the sending of the spirit children of God to the earth, obtaining a mortal body, the process of bring the children back into the presence of God was before the committee.  This was where Lucifer proposed the plan that he would bring everyone back and “not one sole would be lost.” This proposal was the “creation” of liberalism (along with all of its other names).

This proposal that Lucifer placed before the committee had many, if not trillions of supporters. The goal was heralded as having merit. Who would certainly vote against this, bringing everyone back! Compare this with the programs today as we look at the attempts by the liberal movement led by President Obama and others as they try to bring down the upper class, raising the standard of the lower class so that in the end, there will only be the one “middle class”, no rich and no poor. Everyone is “saved”!!

The difficulty I see in implementing this socialist program, is that there will be no incentive for the “go getters” to go get; nor will there be any incentive for those who believe that the world owes them a living to pick themselves up and “go get”. Maybe if we were all ‘angels’ this would be a perfect solution, however, we are not perfect, we are not angels and the best solution is to see that everyone has an equal opportunity to exercise their “rights” and talents. This is the supreme purpose of the plan that Jehovah, or Jesus offered was that all would have that chance and the purpose of the United States Constitution is to preserve and protect that plan.

As for those who voted for Lucifer’s program, they forfeited the opportunity to receive a mortal body and the opportunity to live on earth. Those of us who stood by the Savior have received that right to come here to prove that they are worthy to return to a celestial reward. The veil has been drawn between the preexistence and this mortal experience and we are called upon to live by faith. This mortal existence is the final test, it is the “refiner’s fire”. In the midst of this “fire” we are tested to prove ourselves if we are indeed fit for the “kingdom”.

There are those who declare to the world that they are “conservative”; but are they? This is where I point to the article by Lane Filler of last March (2012); “Face it, nearly all Americans are really socialists”. I agree with Lane Filler, as pointed out in the article, “Our federal income tax system is socialist. It would be even if we went to a flat tax. . . . School taxes are socialist. . . . Medicare, . . . is blatantly socialist. . . . Even Social Security . . . Unless you’re willing to abolish public schools, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Postal Service, Public roads, et cetera, you’re a socialist.”

We’ve done this to ourselves, but in doing so, we do not have to continue this road. We cannot change over night, however, with this election, we can start. The election of 2010 was a step in the right direction and the election of 2012 will be another step. “We have met the enemy . . . and he is us.” Pogo

It is important to clean up our act and work on these “socialist” programs reforming them to conform to the principles of the Constitution. Number one priority reign in the Federal Government. Under the 10th Amendment return back to the States and the people those programs which are handled more effectively by each. It is going to be hard for some, this might be an answer to the flood of immigrates who are here for the free handout. It is just not here for them any more. The medical and education handouts won’t be available and those institutions will have to make the choice as federal and state funds are not there.

As you witness the conflict in the political arena you can see the two sides begin to polarize. One around the so called “conservative” cause and the other around the so called “liberal” cause. Probably for the most part, it was difficult in the past to tell the difference, but since the founding of this Nation, upon this choice land, and over the last two centuries, the vision is more clear. It is a choice we will all have to make and live with. We must be prepared for what is surely to come to pass when as the prophecy tell that the two forces will eventually contest for supremacy.

President Obama, who hails from the “land of Lincoln”, remember what Abraham Lincoln said:  “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.  You cannot help small men by tearing down the big men.  You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.  You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.  Your cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatreds.  You cannot establish security on borrowed money.  You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative and independence.  You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do themselves.”  (Paraphrased from the inspired words of Abraham Lincoln)

God bless America and all those who stand with Him.

Loral Glazier

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