Government Shut Down

Government Shut Down . . . . They Haven’t Done Us Any Good!

The only part of the federal government shut down that will be sad will be the closing of the national parks and the federal land they stole from the States.  This can be solved by the States taking back the jurisdiction and control of the parks.  It all has to do with the State’s rights found in their powers over State lands under the rule of eminent domain.  The federal government, thanks to Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid (or is it Reed?) using scare tactics to get public out cry on this issue.  Shut down the IRS completely!  That will save enough to leave everything else open.  Besides, the government can still operate the printer and make some of that funny money.   Come on States, take back your lands.

Some interesting observations woke me up this morning.  First, this shut down will be a good indication of just how much we can save as the bureaucrats that are cut come from “nonessential” departments.  Let them go and find productive employment.  Secondly, only the democrats, according to media reports, will benefit from this shut down.  Before this “crisis” came about, the president and the democratic party were looking at another defeat in 2012.  Now they are saying that the shut down will improve the chances of re-election for the president and democrats.  Do the democrats have a “secret” agenda?

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